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Discover Kelmis
With around 11,000 inhabitants, Kelmis is the second-largest community in East Belgium. Kelmis is known for its hospitality and our guests feel right at home.
The Galmeibad
galmeibadThe modern Galmei bath in Kelmis was reopened in September 2013 and offers a lot of fun with a 25-metre swimmingpool, a teaching pool and a pool for toddlers.
The Galmei bath can be reached within 5 minutes walking distance from the Park Hotel and is free of charge for our hotel guests. 

You can always find the current opening hours on Galmeibad
The Museum Vieille Montagne

MVMThe Museum Vieille Montagne illustrates the political and historical singularity of Neutral Moresnet, the history of the local zinc industry and the Vieille-Montagne mine, and boasts a rich collection of minerals from the area.

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The Moresnet Railway Bridge
At 1,107 metres (3,361ft), the „Viaduc de Moresnet“ is the longest railway bridge in Belgium. Built by the Germans in 1915, the bridge stands as a memorial to the First World War. In 1940, it was destroyed by the Belgians to prevent the Germans crossing from Aachen to Montzen. The reconstruction of the bridge took five years to complete. The brisk cargo traffic between Aachen and Antwerp ensures it remains well-used even today. In 2016, the village of Moresnet held a fitting celebration to mark the bridge’s centenary.
The catholic parish church Mariä Himmelfahrt
The catholic parish church in Kelmis was consecrated on the 3rd of October 1865. Mass is celebrated there every Sunday at 11.00. A French-language Mass takes place on Sundays at 08.15.
Opening times:
Mon - Fri from 09:00 – 10:00 and from 15:30 – 16:30
The Eyneburg
Eyneburg Castle, also known locally as the Emmaburg, looks back on a long history. According to one legend, Emma – a daughter of Charlemagne – lived there for a time. The structure stands on the left bank of the River Göhl, and can be reached via idyllic footpaths through the lands surrounding the Casino Weiher.
The Casino Weiher
The Casino Weiher is a man-made pond that was used by the Vieille Montagne mining company as a water reservoir. Today, the pond is beautifully overgrown with plants, some of which – like the Calamine violet and related flora – only grow on ground containing metal deposits. The Weiher is one of the last relics of the local mining period.
The Three-Country-Corner BE-DE-NL
The Three-Country-Corner (Dreiländereck) is the point at which the national borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. This is not only an important symbolic and geographical location, it also offers many opportunities for fun and leisure.
A large playpark and maze give young and old alike the chance to burn off a bit of energy, while restaurants famed for their pancakes offer a range of refreshments.
The Three-Country-Point (Dreiländerpunkt) is also the highest point in the Netherlands, and its lookout tower offers a stunning view over the three nations.
The Three-Country-Corner is best reached by car or bus. Sportier visitors can also take advantage of the broad footpaths leading up the Vaalserberg.

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The „Ligne 38“ (RAVeL)
Line 38 is a former railway line which used to connect  Plombières und Chênée. Today, the 40-kilometre (25-mile) Ravel-Route is considered one of the most beautiful walking and cycling routes in Belgium.

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The Eupen Dam
The dam in the Weser Valley is just under 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) from the centre of Eupen and supplies the city and nearby areas of Herve, Liege, and Sart Tilman with drinking water. In recent years, the many leisure opportunities and activities on offer have seen the Weser Valley dam become a popular destination for day-trippers.
Among other things, you will find here a climbing tower, a nature walk with explanations of the local plant and animal life and a playpark for children aged 2 and over. Click here to go to the

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The Gileppe Dam
The dam on the river Gileppe at Jalhay offers a host of activities. Whether you want to want to explore the dam’s history and technology, take a walk around the lake or try out a range of sports, all of these things are possible here.
Tree-climbing, abseiling von the lookout tower, cycle tours, horse-drawn carriage rides and much more are on the dam’s daily programme. For more information, go to:

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The The High Fens:
The High Fens (Hohes Venn) in the East of Belgium, on the border with Germany, is the largest area of raised bogland in Europe. The wide, open landscape is perfect for walking and hiking. In winter, the area becomes a paradise for winter sports fans. It incorporates both the oldest nature reserves and, at Botrange, the highest point in Belgium.
The nature centre in Botrange offers not only walks, cycle tours and cross-country skiing courses but also a playpark themed on the local flora and fauna, a medicinal herb garden and chances to learn about nature.

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Cities and towns in the area

Eupen | Aachen | Cologne | Liège | Malmedy | Vaals | Maastricht | Valkenburg | Spa

Local markets

Monday: Welkenraedt | Tuesday: Aubel, Vaals | Wednesday: Eupen (Lower), Visé | Thursday: Kelmis, Aachen | Friday: Eupen (Upper), Aachen | Saturday: Verviers | Sunday: Aubel, La batte Liege

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